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Turn to us when you need professional tree removal services.

There are certain tasks that property owners can effectively tackle on their own without risking serious consequences, such as painting their interiors or handling minor repairs. However, if you suspect that your Atlanta, Georgia property may need tree removal services, our team at Ballard’s Tree Service highly recommends giving us a call for safe, efficient, and professional help.

Tree Removal in Atlanta, Georgia

For over 30 years, our locally owned and operated business has been proud to offer a wide range of tree care services for residential and commercial properties alike throughout the region. Launched by a skilled arborist, our business is passionate about protecting and caring for trees as often as possible, but our technicians understand that tree removal can be necessary for several reasons. Whether you’re planning a new construction project, or the tree is posing safety concerns for people on your property, our team is prepared to offer the effective tree removal services you need.

Unlike other tree removal companies, we own all the necessary equipment and tools to safely cut down unsafe or unwanted trees. This allows us to provide faster and more affordable solutions to our valued clients when they need them most. Furthermore, if you don’t want an ugly stump left behind after the troublesome tree has been removed, we can also offer thorough stump grinding services, leaving you with a clean slate for future projects.

When it comes to potentially dangerous property tasks, such as tree removal, it’s always in your best interests to rely on a professional crew who can offer great results without putting you in harm’s way. To learn more about our tree care services or speak to our arborist, please reach out to us today.