Take Care of Your Overgrown or Misshapen Trees

Take Care of Your Overgrown or Misshapen Trees

Hire us for tree trimming services in Atlanta, GA

Trimming your trees is essential to maintaining their beautiful look and extending their lifespan. Rely on Ballard's Tree Service to trim back your trees the right way. We offer branch removal and tree trimming services in the Atlanta, GA area.

Worried that the tree trimming process might damage your lawn? Don't sweat it! We promise we'll leave a minimal footprint to avoid damaging your lawn or nearby structures.

Review our tree trimming process

While trimming low-hanging branches can be done on your own, the experts at Ballard's Tree Service don’t recommend you do anything else. Our process for tree trimming services includes:

  • Climbing trees without the use of trucks, which helps avoid damaging yards
  • Trimming the trees to ensure they’re in a good spot for future growth
  • Leaving the debris behind for firewood and grinding them into woodchips

Reach out to schedule an appointment for branch removal today.